Whatevering Runner

I love this article. The “whatevering runner”, court où tu veux, aussi loin que tu veux, prends des photos, un café, “repeat”. Ça va dans le sens de mon dernier article.

chasing mailboxes

After a few hours spent contemplating Facebook and the gray of the day, I convince myself that I am letting something good slip away by not going outside for a few running miles. I shelled out all that money on winter gear, why not give it a chance to shine.

A clumsy sort-out of layers and I’m off. I plan to run as I feel and hope to end up with about six miles. The grating flip flop of my Brooks Glycerins accompanies me down the road.

Argh, these shoes. They sound like clown shoes. Fortunately for them, they are one of the more comfortable pairs of footwear I own or I’d rip them up. I turn on my headphones to dull their undignified noise and plop plop forward.

I run a couple of miles and see an area by the Potomac River that I recently determined warrants further exploration. I brought my camera just in…

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